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worship envirEvaluation is one of the greatest tools we have as ministry leaders.

The greatest thing we can do for the ministry or church we lead is to have the courage to step back every week and evaluate what we are creating. As ministry leaders we all create environments. It doesn’t matter if it’s a house church model, a children’s space, or a place where adults gather to worship, we all create environments. You are probably pretty sensitive about the environments you create because you put so much effort into creating them, but I want to challenge you to let your guard down and really put time into evaluating what’s happening. The goal of evaluation is to improve…to get better!

When it comes to worship environments it’s critical to step back and really process what is happening in the room. Each week you have to be willing to process what was planned and executed in the service. Here are a few key questions that help me when I evaluate a worship environment…

  • What was the pre-service vibe?
  • How are people welcomed into the worship environment?
  • What is happening with lighting and video during the pre-service experience?
  • How does the service begin?
  • What kind of first impression is the band / worship leaders making?
  • Is the worship team engaging the audience and leading them or only performing?
  • Are the songs engaging?
  • Are we singing songs that are theologically sound and help people understand who God is?
  • Are transitions smooth?
  • Is video and lighting helping people engage or distracting people?
  • Does the communicator set up the message quickly and engage the crowd?
  • Is the content really leading people toward transformation?
  • How are people called to respond and live out the truth from Scripture?
  • How are announcements and welcome handled?
  • How does the service end?
  • Where are the cringe factors?
  • Where can the people leading on stage improve?
  • How are the people on stage leading well?

Asking the right questions spurs needed evaluation! Have the courage to ask the hard questions about the environments you shape each week!