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One of the principles we always talk about with our team is that every Sunday matters because every Sunday is someones first Sunday at our church. It really does not matter what time of the year it is or what has been going on that week in our ministry areas we have to be ready to engage and serve people on Sunday. A few months ago we began to process taking that mindset and applying it to the volunteers serving every week. What if we not only invested in those who were new but also the team that would serve with us?

If every Sunday matters then every Sunday we have to be asking this questions before we ump into the day. What can I do to make a difference this Sunday? Our team thought of 18 ways we could make a difference on Sundays…

  • Slow down to check on volunteers that are serving.
  • Remember life events going on and ask how things are going.
  • Slowing down to catch up with a volunteer.
  • Learn people’s name and say hello to as many people by name as possible!
  • Look for people who are new and help!
  • Walk slowly and be available to people after and during services.
  • Start conversations intentionally.
  • Take time to pray with someone who is struggling.
  • Help out other ministries without hesitation.
  • Look for needs and just start helping.
  • Slow down at the end of the day to be present in our last service.
  • Be available after service in the halls.
  • Schedule time to connect with people intentionally on Sundays.
  • Remember people trump tasks.
  • Hug as many people as possible.
  • Greet as many people as possible.
  • Let others help serve with us.
  • Say thanks as much as possible.

Making every Sunday count has to be an intentional effort on our part. The amazing thing is that when ministry leaders model this volunteers begin it embrace it also. Start every Sunday knowing that no matter what is swirling around in your life or your ministry you are going to be intentional in making the day count by serving others.