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I am so ready for college and NFL football to be back. I am going to go ahead and make my predictions this weekend for Middle Tennessee State University, the Tennessee Vols, and the Tennessee Titans. Not going to worry about post-season play so here goes my regular season predictions…

Tennessee Titans / 11-5
2 words are needed to explain why I am so excited about the Titans. CHRIS JOHNSON. CJ looks great and the offensive line just looks just a good. Big question will be can the young defense play Titan football. I say yes and we will give the Colts a run for the AFC South.

MTSU / 9-3
Would have given them 11 wins but with Dwight Dasher out for the who knows how long I had to throw in at least 2 more losses. Dasher is that good but he also is a discipline problem. I hear the #2 QB is good so lets see if the rest of the team can come together and get 10 wins and take the Sun Belt!

Tennessee Vols / 5-7
No bowl this year and I will be THRILLED if we can pull 5 wins out of the hat and move on to 2011. I bleed orange and this is the weakest Volunteer team I have ever seen. I am hopeful and I like Coach Dooley. If the Vols can stay healthy and the coaches can work together we may have some surprises this year.

There ya go…what are your predictions for this year? Go Titans, Blue Raiders, and Vols!