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Talk about important stuff. Season 6 of 24 is going to be wild. I was amazed to see what they did in the first 4 hours! Curtis, the bomb, the new president. Great show! If you are reading this and you watched the Golden Globes instead then only God can forgive you. Come on, watch the best show on TV. I am stoked about what is going to happen and Chelsea and I will be watching ever so close. Mondays are nights the kids got to go to bed…early!

Today was Marting Luther King day of course. I was amazed at watching how much the secular world celebrates this man but how little most of our churches celebrate how God used this man. MLK was used to awaken our nation to the fact that men are created equal. That no man should be pushed away from living life to the fullest because of the color of his or her skin. MLK was used by God to shape the days we live in now. I thank God for what he did through MLK, I praise God that I went to school with students of all races and never thought anything about it. I thank God that I live in a neighborhood that is diverse, that my little girls play with kids of all races. We are all God’s creation and heaven will be incredible. If you have something against people of other races then you are not in touch with the very heartbeat of God to bring all people to Himself. Heaven is going to be incredible! I pray the walls of racial separation would fall in the American church and we would serve alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Today my daughters and wife went to the zoo. Kozbi got to see a Rhino and told the elephants that her Dad said hello! That is so funny, she did what I asked her to! Elephants are so cool…I just wanted them to know I was thinking of them. Both girls had a great time. Kelyn loves to watch the people and the animals.

I am going to see The Fray and Mute Math on Thursday – I am so stoked. The concert is at the Norva and it is a great venue. Brandon and I are going together and meeting some High Schoolers there. The show will be wild for sure. I love supporting artists out there creating great music who also follow Christ. Man I love music…