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After 5 months away from the game of golf Tiger Woods is back and playing at The Masters. This is Tiger’s second chance with golf but his second chance with LIFE started 5 months ago. When all of his mistakes were made public months ago Tiger had a choice, he could face his mistakes head on or he could blame others and run. I am proud of Tiger for one thing…he faced his mistakes and took responsibility. Go ahead all of you who are casting judgment on this guy. We who call ourselves Followers of Jesus know how our leaders have done when given power and fame. We can all remember many amazing pastors/teachers who had it all and were derailed by moral failure. Tiger had power, money, and fame and thought he was above the game of golf and accountability. Well…he wasn’t. I hope Tiger has a great golf comeback but more importantly I hope he has a great comeback in life as a person. I am selfish…I pray he finds Christ! I hope he fights for his marriage. I hope he learns to treat people with respect. I hope he can in the future reach out to help when someone else falls into the same trap. We will see. As a Dad I have no problem telling my kids one day that YES Tiger made some big mistakes but he tried to start over and took responsibility. This is his second chance…we all have had them and we all will need them. I am glad a caring leader in my past gave me a second chance.