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ropeThis week school started back in our city and our family went through the yearly ritual of prepping to get the kids out of summer mode and ready for class. Our elementary school had a back to school night where our kids got to see their new class and meet the teacher. They also found out what friends were in the class. While I was walking around I was so impressed with how the school was setting each teacher up for a partnership with parents by simply making their school and teachers available to families. It wasn’t difficult for the school to pull off but it was an intentional effort made to partner with families!

If you lead a children’s or student ministry you need to know one thing. If you want to partner with parents you have to be the one to take the intentional first step. If you step toward parents you have a 100% chance of enhancing the level your ministry connects with home.

Here are 3 lessons I learned last night while at school with my kids about taking that first intentional step toward mom dad…

Make parents feel welcomed // as soon as we walked into the school last night we were greeted by the principles! It was clear the school leadership was excited we were there. No matter your process make sure it communicates to mom and dad that we are glad they are willing to partner!

Answer questions parents are asking // I had my questions answered last night about how to help my kids have a good start to school. Make sure in your strategy that you are answering the right questions! Make the partnership as valuable as possible.

Connect parents with the people investing in their kids or teens // last night we personally met and connected with our kid’s teachers. In your strategy make sure and connect your parents to real volunteers that are investing in their kids or teens.