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Christmas time gives our family ministry team a chance to slow down and process the past year and all God has done. One thing I think everyone on our team would celebrate this past year is the fact that God has used our small group leaders in every ministry age group to do some incredible things. Small group leaders have become partners in ministry here in our church culture. The big shift came for our team when we began to really empower small group leaders and give them real ministry responsibility. Every leader I know wants their service to make a difference. We are seeing many leaders thrive because they have a few specific people to invest in and care for. Here are three reasons you need to empower your small group leaders…

  1. When you empower small group leaders you will never do ministry alone again! / Small Group leaders provide an instant team that care about kids, teens, and college students as much as you do. They care because they know a few specific people not just a crowd. It’s hard to care for and invest in a crowd. Small group leaders give you a team to link arms with!
  2. When you empower small group leaders you will connect with kids and teens you never had a chance at reaching! / Different teens and kids connect with different types of leaders. When you have small group leaders you magnify your ability to connect with different personalities. This generation needs multiple influences not just one pastor leading a ministry!
  3. When you empower small group leaders you will be able to better track spiritual growth! / Spiritual growth is personal and can best be seen when connected to a consistent relationship. Small Group leaders have a front row seat at spiritual growth and you will get to hear the stories of life change!

Go ahead and make 2013 the year to empower your small group leaders! How have you seen God work when you have empowered your small group leaders to lead out in serving the next generation?