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goalIt’s that time of year where you constantly hear about setting goals because of course…it’s a new year. I’m betting you have some goals. You made them personally or for work. Goals are great tools because they help us focus. With as much time as give to creating goals it’s also critical to be aware of the things that can get in our way and sidetrack our progress.

There are a few things in ministry that are consistent goal killers. Make sure as you get started this year working toward your goals you are aware of these traps…

  1. Too Many Goals > So many times the goals we set are just a list of wishes and we try to accomplish too much. Trying to do everything just means you are setting yourself up to accomplish nothing. narrow your list and really make sure you are not being trapped by a goal list that is just too long!
  2. Conflict With Supervisors > Conflict is draining and conflict with those who you report to can really harm your ability to achieve the goals you set for yourself and your ministry. There is only so much you can accomplish when internal conflict keeps pulling you off track. Always fight to keep those you report to in sync with what your goals are. Maybe even make improving those relationships a goal!
  3. Unbalance > One of the most important aspects of achieving your goals is maintaining balance in the other areas of your life. Balance is critical to long term impact as you lead. Achieving one goal at the expense of another critical part of your life can really be destructive.
  4. Isolation > When we lead without having other voices speaking into our lives our isolation can really cause us to make mistakes. Any of us who are driven can get tunnel vision as we tackle the goals we set. Isolation can lead us right into unexpected traps while we are trying to do good.