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Hanging out here in Atlanta with some college and high school seniors from Grace Community Church and about 40,000 others at Passion 2012. This year is special for me because I am here helping Brandon Reed who leads our college ministry…I get to be a volunteer! This is my 4th time to experience Passion and in 4 times I have never experienced anything quite like it. It’s hard to explain what worshipping with that many other 18-25 year olds is like. There is an energy and hope here that is amazing and it flows from the central focus all week being nothing other than Jesus. This week I’m going to process some thoughts I have about high school and college ministry but I thought I would start this week with a few reasons you might want to bring some college students and high school seniors to Passion…well how about 4 words that come to mind!
  1. Hope / This is kind of selfish for those of us who are leaders but Passion will give you hope. Hope that what you do matters. Hope that this generation is making a difference. Hope that Jesus is changing lives. The generation we are investing in is ready to lead the church and make a difference. Every time I get to Passion I am reminded of what God is already doing.
  2. Direction / Every time I have come to Passion I have watched students get direction from God on what is next for their life. In a season of life where there are so many questions and risks it’s amazing to watch God direct. Things change in life when God starts pointing the way for students.
  3. Focus / There is one focus here for 4 days…Jesus. Watching this many people be consumed with Jesus is just a little slice of what heaven will be like. Eternity, consumed with Jesus.
  4. Community / Because community group is a part of the Passion experience students get a chance to connect with other students from all across the country. Watching students realize they are not alone is amazing. Watching students process what God is doing in the context of small group is priceless.