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When things get hard at work every human being thinks one thought…I wonder if it’s time to find a new job! It’s no different in ministry. Many leaders get settled into a role only to find out that many of the same issues they faced at their previous church surprisingly followed them to their current assignment and on top of that there are a few new issues. We often forget that when serving people you invite messiness into your life. Leading people is a challenging task that God has called us too. At some point we have to stop running from this reality and choose to stay and learn to navigate ministry that lasts longer than two to three years. Maybe today I can talk you off the ledge. Here are four reasons you might want to stay at your church…

  1. Improvement > Long term leaders have a better shot at leading the church (aka, your ministry) to embrace innovation. With time that idea that God is stirring in your heart can become a reality. If you want to see your church become a thriving, healthy movement then you have to be willing to put the time in to see the improvement.
  2. Responsibility > Long term leaders have the chance to be responsible for their leadership. Leadership is joined at the hip with responsibility. When you stay you are willing to live life with people and be responsible for the choices you are making. Responsibility leads to maturity in a leader.
  3. Connection > Long term leaders get to actually build what is rare in ministry…friendship and history. When you stay you become a part of people’s life and not just a visitor in their life.
  4. Trust > Long term leaders get lead great adventures because the church trusts them. Trust only comes through consistency over time.

With all that said, there is a time to leave, will write about it on my next post! Today process if it is time for your to lock in and stay!

What do you think are some of the other reasons leaders should stay at their church? What have you learned when you chose to stay at your church?