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rest650x269Rest and leadership are 2 ideas we don’t connect often. I have never evaluated how I am leading and connected my leadership potential with my need to rest. It’s almost like leaders are afraid to even talk about the need to rest because it sounds a little weak. I have to admit that I have been that leader who avoids the topic of rest and here is why fell into that trap…

  1. I avoided God’s call to rest. // It’s pretty simple that God made rest a priority when He modeled it for us in creation. By choosing not to make rest a priority I choose to ignore the ways of God.
  2. I had way to much confidence on my own ability. // Really my choice to not rest screamed that I was the only one that could solve the problems in the ministry I led.
  3. I was too insecure and felt like I needed to always be available. // What would people think? That’s a terrible way to live life.
  4. I was afraid of what might happen! // This is the worst. I was afraid of imaginary situations I dreamed up and chose not to rest!

If you lead anything…a family, a business, a non-profit, a class, a ministry, a church, or whatever…making rest a priority has a huge impact on your leadership ability. Rest brings brings peace, clarity, perspective, and energy to our soul. Great leaders find ways to slow down long enough to refuel so that can lead to full potential.

This past month we did a three week series called REST and we looked at the idea of rest from every angle! Check out the series and process how you are making rest a regular part of your life!