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Over the next few weeks student, kids, and college pastors all across the country will be beginning new semesters, reaching new students, and partnering with new volunteers. Many of us will be making changes and change always brings tension. For the new leaders and new students they have no idea anything is changing because of course it is new! For our veteran leaders change can be a little difficult. Change is healthy for every organization but it also brings pain. No matter how big or how small the changes you will be making your team will always want to know why and you need to be prepared to lead them through the change. There are a few things to remember when implementing change this semester…

  1. Don’t surprise key leaders // Make sure your key leadership know about changes before you hold your first meeting to introduce the changes. You know your key leaders, try not to surprise them. Connect with them and gain wisdom before you implement change.
  2. Ask for permission to experiment // Cast vision and explain your idea but when making changes ask your team to give you permission to experiment (admit you might fail!). They give you permission by supporting you as you make changes. Never take that for granted no matter how long you lead in an organization.
  3. Call people to a step of faith // “buy in” comes when the changes you make work. As a leader simply call your team to live by faith as you make changes. It’s ok if your leadership team does not “buy in” 100% at first, call them to serve with faith!
  4. Listen to feedback // make sure your team knows they have a voice and can email you or call you with ideas and feedback about the changes.
  5. Lead strong but be flexible // If your changes work, great! If they don’t lead strong by being willing to make changes and admit you might not have been correct