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Orange2014blogheader_edited-1One of my favorite children’s ministry voices is Craig Jultila and today I had the chance to catch him at The Orange Conference talking about 5 things he wished someone had told him about kid’s ministry. My first role serving in the church was as a children’s pastor and I had no idea what adventure was in store for me. My role was new and I had to learn as I was leading. I wish I had of been able to have Craig sit down with me then and help me know these 5 things!

Here we go, here are 5 things you need to know as you lead your children’s ministry…

I wish someone had of told me that vision, mission, and values were not optional but essential.

When values are clear decisions are easy. – Walt Disney

Before you start the fun stuff know where you are going and where you want to end up!

I wish someone had told me that sometimes I would need the ability to hide my panic.

The prescription is balancing the emotional mind and the rational mind. When we balance we find that place where we lead from wisdom…the wise mind.

There are many times we have to pause and contain our emotions so we can lead!

I wish someone had told me that no mater how hard I tried there would be a few people that would not like me or what I was doing.

There are just some people who just see life through negative lenses. It’s our job to love them not change them.

We need to…
Develop thick skin and a sensitive heart.
Respond don’t react.
Outlast your critics.

I wish someone had of told me that leading change wasn’t easy.

How to make change easier…
Switch your thinking from what you will lose to what you will gain.
Don’t get stuck with paralysis by analysis.
Memorize your curve. (innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority, and laggards)

I wish someone had of told me to work on the ministry not in the ministry.

Leadership and investing in other leaders is so much more important than just “doing” the ministry.

Advice for working on vs. in
Don’t allow the ministry to rest fully on your gifting, passion, and ability.
Build people first and program second.
Buy curriculum, don’t write it.

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