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Perspective webI have spent the past six days at our middle school and kids camps getting some time to step back and focus. It just takes a short time around this crowd to really be reminded of what matters most about what we do in ministry. When you take people and you surround them with nothing but Jesus for a few days you see amazing things happen. Watching kids and teens catch a glimpse of who Jesus is and start to follow is so amazing to watch. This week I have been reminded again that…

There is nothing we do through our churches more important than next generation ministry.

I know there so many important things we try to accomplish through our churches but just remember that your next generation will shape the impact your church makes in the future. So much of what we invest in through the church is for now but next gen ministry set’s you up to make an impact for years to come! I have had 6 days to focus and I have been reminded…

  1. Next Generation ministries need our best volunteers // I really believe this. We need our best investing in preschoolers, kids, teens, and college students. We need our best because this is an investment in mentoring the next leaders of the church.
  2. Next Generation ministries need funding // Stop the car washes and start funding your next generation ministries so they can do ministry with excellence.
  3. Next Generation ministries need our full support // Everyone in leadership needs to stand with and support the next generation as a valuable part of the church today.
  4. Next Generation ministries can partner with mom and dad // Parents are looking for partners who will invest in their families spiritually. We can be that partner and empower them at the same time!
  5. Next Generation ministries need to influence the direction of the church // When we look at the next generation we can learn what the church will look like in the future. Why not learn now and start moving that direction.
  6. Next Generation ministries need to be staffed with next level leadership // Next Gen leaders should be some of the sharpest on our church staffs. Don’t settle!

I pray that Grace Community Church will always be a place where reaching the next generation is our passion! I also pray that churches all across our nation will do whatever it takes to reach the next generation. No excuses…go for it!