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Summer camp has the potential to be one of the best weeks a teens year…we pray that way for sure! Our hope for getting high school students away for a week is to take them out of their normal routine and environment to find a fresh perspective of who God is. When we started looking for a camp experience to partner with we landed on Bigstuf Camps. Our team views Bigstuf as our high school camp even through we united with 1500 other people when we get down there. Here are 6 reasons we link arms with Bigstuf as we invest in high school students…

  1. Clarity >> every year we know our high school students will hear from amazing communicators who teach the Bible clearly. Our hope is teens clearly hear about the love of Christ! This camp brings great communicators we know we can trust.
  2. Excellence >> you will never find a more amazing environment (production, music, lights, video) than what you find at Bigstuf. Love their tech team and the way they leverage it to engage teens.
  3. Leader training >> every year our volunteer leaders get training from next level leaders in student ministry. We have had the honor of having Reggie Joiner train our adults every year…WOW!
  4. Location, location, location >> you have to admit for kids who live in TN the beach is an amazing place to visit. Not only is Panama City great but the hotel we use is amazing and safe!
  5. Inspiration >> every year high school students leave camp knowing they can make a difference locally and globally. We love that our students are pushed to make a difference through embracing the idea of making a global impact, caring for the poor, and spreading the message of Christ.
  6. Flexibility >> we get to use small groups during the week and sync our week up with our strategy and Bigstuf supports that flexibility. On a practical side we also get to pick our week for camp before they open registration as a partner church. You will not find a better team that Lanny, Kayla and the Bigstuf staff!