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Cross Street Live is our monthly family experience we host for our community. We feel families need a place where and kids and parents can connect with God TOGETHER. That together part is a big deal. I thought today I would list my favorite things I love about CSL!

  1. I love we help kids and parents think through a VIRTUE like honesty, wisdom, etc. and then give them some tools to go home with! What happens at home is so significant!
  2. I love the energy that comes when the theater is packed with kids who are singing to God!
  3. I love that families can see with their own eyes that we think they matter. We put a ton of time into this monthly experience for families! They matter!
  4. I love watching kids and parents laugh together…it is priceless!
  5. I love watching our actors, dancers, and worship leaders go for it. THEY ARE SO TALENTED!
  6. I love that families get to make a memory that is fun and exciting at CHURCH! God is amazing and church should be too!

There you have it…6 quick things I love about Cross Street Live. Go check out for more info. We will see you this Sunday night, 5:30 at Rossview High.