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It’s the night before the Orange Conference and once again this year I am so excited about how God is going to work in the lives of next generation leaders. For three days preschool, children’s, youth, and college pastors and volunteers (even a few senior pastors) are going to unite with one idea in mind. When we partner with each other and with families we can accomplish so much for the Kingdom of God. I’m blogging all week from the conference so I hope you will follow along on this Orange journey. This is also my 5th Orange Conference to be a part of and every year God uses this place and these people in my life. Let me throw out 6 things you can do over the next few days to get the most out of the Orange Conference. Here we go…

  1. Join the discussion online // you can see what people are saying during the conference by following along on twitter with the hashtag #OC12. There are also about 15 bloggers here and they will be processing ideas online for you to digest. You can also join in live online with our backstage feed at Orange
  2. Take some notes // we remember so much more when we write and listen at the same time. Make sure you capture ideas in a way you will be able to use them later.
  3. Talk to the people around you // I have met some amazing people here at Orange who have become friends over the years. Talk to the people around you. Hear their story. Share ideas. Encourage someone.
  4. Be willing to rethink everything // use the next few days to rethink what you do in your ministry and how you do it. This is a conference that will challenge you to think outside the ministry box. Drop your assumptions and dream a little this week.
  5. Slow down // next generation leaders are always going 100 miles an hour. Please slow down enough this week to listen to the voice of God. He is speaking…listen.
  6. Take time to worship // next generation leaders are usually busy leading others in worship..teaching others…serving others. Make sure this week you take time to worship our great God.