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HelpEvery small group leader needs help…not random every once in a while help they need consistent help. One of the major battles for any volunteer is feeling inadequate for the the challenge they have signed up for. When people agree to come onto our teams as volunteers they all feel nervous. It really doesn’t matter if they are a high power leader in their day job when they step on your ministry turf to volunteer they are stepping into the unknown.

Every week small group leaders show up and try to prepare for the unknown. I’m a small group leader for my community group of adults so I know the feeling. I volunteered for the role and I invited weekly uncertainty into my life as I try to lead my group. Small group leaders need a few consistent things from us if we are going to provide them with the HELP they need…

  • Consistent Encouragement // volunteering is a challenge so go ahead and find ways to encourage small group leaders as they invest in others. Every leader at every level need to know they are valued.
  • Consistent Information // small group leaders need access to the right info at the right times. Make sure your small group leaders know the answer to questions their group may be asking.
  • Consistent Advice // when small group leaders have problems they need to know you are available to process. Create a culture where it’s OK to ask for help.
  • Consistent Vision // vision leaks…we forget why we do what we do. Why matters as much as what we do.
  • Consistent Resources // small group leaders need high quality resources that set them up to create great group experiences. Great resources help group leaders have a better shot at engaging their group.
  • Consistent Prayer // small group leaders need to know they are covered with prayer and we need to commit to lift them up on a regular basis. Group leads to spiritual growth so group needs to be empowered by the power of God. We have to invite God into the process!

You will help small group leaders when you consistently create systems that provide real help. Volunteers are not always good at asking for help so make sure and start helping even before they ask!