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7-tipsThis week we launched Parent Ministry for Kids and we just can’t stop giving great content away. Parent Ministry founder Jeremy Lee took the time to create 7 amazing tip videos to help kids and students boost their parent ministry. We believe that children’s and student ministry can be summarized around three important areas…kids / teens, volunteers, and parents. When these three areas are synchronized amazing things begin to happen.

We know one of the hardest areas to gain traction with comes with parents and for the next 7 days we want to help push you forward. Here are the topics we are going to hit…

  • How to Organize Your Ministry Database to Reach the Parents in Your Community

  • How to Create Content Parents will Enjoy Listening to and Won’t Be Able to Ignore

  • How to Serve Parents like Crazy while Chilling in Your Pajamas (if you want to)

  • How to Create Amazing “Oprah” Moments in your Ministry that will Bring Parents and Students together Spiritually

  • How to Earn the Love and Loyalty of Parents in your Ministry with a 5 Minute Hallway Conversation

  • How to Transform your Boring Parent Meetings into an Environment that Parents Don’t Want to Leave

  • How to Include Parents in the Spiritual Moments that Take Place in the Lives of Students during Camps and Retreats

  • How to Create A Ministry that Reaches the Many Different Types of Parents that Make Up the Modern Family

  • A Brand New Way to View Your Role as a Minister that Will Bring a Fresh Approach to What You Do Every Day

You can watch for each video on our twitter feed at @ParentMinistry of on our Parent Ministry Facebook page or you can go to our tip page and simply give us your email and we will send you all 7 tips today!