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One of the foundational elements of a healthy organization is trust. When your parents, students, volunteers, or other staff members think of you and the ministry area you lead do they believe the best? Do they believe the ministry you lead is one that will be able to rely on? This past week our staff here at Grace Community Church processed the idea of what the trust builders are for our ministry teams. Trust is earned over time and can be eroded in the same way. Here are seven trust builders we landed on for our team…

  • Follow Through > simple…deliver on what you say you are going to do.
  • Consistent Feedback > our volunteers need us to help them know how they are doing as they serve. When we consistently give balanced feedback (good and bad) we enable to them to see we have their best interest in mind.
  • Knowing People Personally > everyone loves to be known and cared for. When we get to know people on a personal level we advance the trust process.
  • See Potential > when we can look into others and see the potential of what God can do through them people begin to trust us. This happens because we see what others can’t see in themselves.
  • Be Prepared > everyone is busy, always strive to be prepared when you are responsible for leading.
  • Ownership of Ministry > be willing to own the good and the bad of what is going on with your ministry. No need to cover things up, just be real and keep improving.
  • Clear Communication > this is the last on the list but it might be the most important. Communicating consistently and clearly helps people to know the direction of the organization. Clear communication can build trust because people have or can find the right information! People will never embrace the mission of vision of your ministry if they don’t have clear communication from the leadership.