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Any event that brings “normal” dads and daughters together to have fun together is a great event! I’m not talking about some religious ceremony where a speaker puts the audience to sleep for an hour and people eat popcorn and drink cool-aid. I’m talking about a fun event that sets up dads and daughters to have an amazing night together. Last night Kozbi and I attended a Father / Daughter Purity Ball and had a great night. The Hope Pregnancy Center here in Clarksville sponsors the night and does an amazing job. Here is what makes this event work here in our city…

  • The night provides a reason for dads to take their daughters on a date. The time together is priceless!
  • I get to wear a suit and my girl gets to dress up like the princess she is.
  • The event creates a special moment where girls can hear that God loves them and hear dads say the same thing through a special commitment time.
  • Dessert is at the event. Girls love dessert!
  • Dancing…yep, we get the chance to dance with our daughters. How much better can it get?
  • A night for teens and a night for kids. The event has 2 directions with the 2 nights for different ages.
  • A community focus. This event brings people together from all walks of life. Some families are Christians and some are not. What a great opportunity to share God’s love with the city.

If your city does not have an event like this gather a group of people and make it happen. This is one of my favorite nights of the year and a night my daughter loves. Creating events where dads can connect with daughters is significant, go for it!