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Here is some advice from a cooking pro…NOT…if you put the wrong ingredients in when you are cooking your cookies will not taste good. More on that in a minute! The principle applies to anything we do in life. When we do the wrong things, add the wrong ingredients to the mix of life things will not go well. So many time we are surprised at how things are going in life. I hear stuff like work sucks, my marriage sucks, my neighborhood if terrible, my kids and I do not get along, I do not like my church. When I ask folks to tell me why many times they have no clue! They have not stopped to ask why! They hate the results but they keep the madness going by never looking beyond the results. What are the ingredients involved in the situation that may be causing the bad results?

Kozbi, my daughter, and I decided to cook some cookies from a “Fairy” cookbook for kids. On our first try we misread…I misread the cookbook and put 1/8 a cup of salt into the mix instead of 1/8 a teaspoon. Salt is a great thing but when you put a CUP into the mix things turn out bad. We made the call to go ahead and cook them and see what would happen. We took one bite and hated the result. They were HORRIBLE. We decided to go ahead and try again and they turned out great and the proof is in that they have disappeared from our house! Koz and I learned the ingredients matter. Putting the right amount of stuff into our project made all the difference. it took a little time but we had fun and got it right and the result was GREAT! Here is the proof…(yes we used GREEN food coloring and that is powdered sugar ALL OVER THEM, more sugar = better cookies!)
If you find yourself stuck hating the results you see around your job, marriage, kids, or church stop and look at the ingredients involved. Be willing to make some changes and things just might get better.