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The past month at Grace Community we have been in a series called Am I the Only One? There are some series that are defining moments for a church and this has been one of them for us. We have tackled fear, addiction, sexual sin, and depression. This next week we end the series by celebrating what God has done to bring healing in all our lives. Today was a huge day because I watched Chad one of our co pastors and his wife Christy talk about her fight with depression as the church was being planted three years ago. Talk about honesty! It was am amazing moment to hear about an honest struggle and have the pastors wife speak for how so many in the crowd feel everyday. Thanks Christy for being willing to speak for the hurting. Depression and anxiety are real and there is hope beyond the current circumstance. It was wild to hear about hope in the middle of a hard issue.

The best part of the entire series has been the freedom people have felt to talk about their private struggles. To find help when the feeling of isolation has been so strong is freedom. Freedom can be found when pain, hurt, or sin are exposed and dealt with. There is no healing found in hiding. For me, when I have been honest about my struggles, I have discovered God ready to bring healing. Our God is a God of hope, love and justice and He is there for us. Thanks to the Grace Community family for supporting this church as we try to meet people in the middle of struggle. Church should be the one place where it is always OK to be honest and find help. This is the kind of church I want my kids growing up in!

If you are out there and you want to catch up on this series go check out our podcast listed on iTunes or go to and get the messages from there.