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It is so incredible to hear people talk about Grace Community with their friends. I have been able to hear folks that are a part of GCC spread the word about our church. There is nothing better than hearing people be EXCITED about church. (not a movie, not a restaurant, CHURCH!) Every week I think through why people keep inviting others to GCC. This week one of my favorite bloggers (Ben Arment — — former church planter and now working on the Catalyst Team) posted a great thought on his blog…check this out…this is big for those of us shaping what church looks like in 2009…
You can’t take a mediocre idea and make it viral. There’s not enough marketing savvy in the world to help a bad idea work.

Stretch with me on this… think of your new church as an idea for the community. Don’t think about the mission and theology for a minute, yadda, yadda, yadda. Just focus on ~ the idea ~ of your church.

Is it a good idea for the community… or a bad idea?

How do you know? Ask yourself… is the idea spreading?

And if it’s not, you may not have a marketing problem. You may have an idea problem. Maybe your church’s purpose is not distinguishable enough. Maybe you’re not meeting a need in the community. Maybe you’re answering questions nobody’s asking.