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What does following Christ look like in my life today? That is what people are asking. People are not against God, against Christ, against faith but they are confused about what being a Christ follower looks like. This year we have been able to really get personal with our gathering of teens and try to answer some questions kids are asking. (and some they do not know to ask) This month we are tacking a series on dating called lovesick at REMIX . (if you like that look and the series idea go check out and jump on the collaboration train!) TEENS WANT ANSWERS TO THE DATING QUESTION and so many times we look at hard issues, confusing issues and just tell them to avoid IT. This is just not enough. Teens are asking questions, they need guidance, and Jesus cares more about who they date and how they date than we do. Jesus has something to say! Our job is to translate the message of Christ into their language. Many of our ministries are not answering questions that real people are asking and they are not communicating clearly. Small group leader, pastor, youth minister, speaker,Sunday School teacher, whatever you are called I am begging you to engage people with God’s Word and strive to communicate in a way that your audience can understand. People deserve to know God actually has something to say to them and we owe them good communication that is clear. I hope we will quit blaming people for not beg interested when it might just be our method and style of communication that confuse people. We are communicating the one truth that can change a life…it is amazing…lets communicate it clearly. Lets answer questions, stir debate, encourage thought, and embrace truth!