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Are you a marketing? The answer is yes and it really does not matter if you like that title or not. Marketing is nothing more then sending a message about who you are and what you offer to potential customers…attenders…partners…or members. Today at the Story Conference Jason Fried, (@jasonfried) founder of 37 Signals and author of the book Rework, was asked if their company had a marketing department in the organization. His reply was no and he said…EVERYTHING WE DO IS MARKETING. So many times we forget this important principle. Those of us who work in any church or non-profit we are always marketing…we are always sending a message…we are always sharing our story.

We are marketing when people walk into our facility.
We are marketing when people see our web site.

We are marketing when people see how we serve our wife and kids!
We are marketing when people call our office.
We are marketing when people meet others who attend our church or ministry.
We are marketing when we communicate with our volunteers.
We are marketing when we plan our worship experiences.
We are marketing when we tweet or post a Facebook update.

We are always marketing because we are always shaping the way people view our organization and more importantly our faith. We are all responsible. We have to quit blaming others for how our organization is viewed and accept our responsibility to MARKET…help others understand our story! Those of us who lead inside the church have the greatest story ever told. Let’s tell it well and let’s help our organizations reflect that amazing story!