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One of the most difficult challenges for any leader is to stay focused. Maybe it’s just me but I’m easily distracted. I’m not talking about multitasking because I enjoy the process of being involved with several projects and ministries at one time. When I talk about being distracted I am referring to that all to common pull away from what my calling is as a leader. God has placed each one of us in a unique place of leadership with unique influence and much too frequently we are distracted from the mission God has given us. We complicate life, following Jesus, parenting, marriage, and leadership by allowing distractions to pull us off course. What I am finding is that every day is a battle to fight off distraction and stay focused. Here are a few common distractions that seem to consume my leadership energy…

  • The distraction of comparison / I am distracted when I try to gain affirmation or validation through comparison. The minute I begin to think I am better than someone else at something and I take joy in that, I am distracted.
  • The distraction of competition / the goal is never to build a ministry that looks like what everyone else is called to do. When I am focused I worry more about what God wants to do in the ministry I lead rather than what everyone else is doing.
  • The distraction of control / when I strive for control I leave God honoring faith behind.
  • The distraction of approval / when I try to make everyone happy I am can ensure I am distracted by approval addiction. Leadership demands courage and courage will never please everyone.
  • The distraction of perfection / chasing after it destroys the joy of serving Jesus who calls us into messy adventures. The goal is excellence not perfection.

We have to fight to stay focused! What is that going to take for you this week? Is there something I did not list that tends to distract you?