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Delegating and empowering volunteers is critical for every leader, but delegating and empowering the wrong people will kill momentum. Just think back to the time and effort you had to put into handling the mess caused by the last time you empowered the wrong leader. Think back on the emotional turmoil that was dumped on you and the other volunteers on your team. That is the price you will pay every time you empower the wrong people.

The goal in empowering volunteers to do ministry has to be linked with the demand of empowering the right people. Here are a few reminders as you seek to empower the right people around you…

  1. Don’t empower a leader just to make your life easy in the short run.
  2. Before you empower a volunteer observe how they interact with others on the team.
  3. Get other leaders input on a possible leader before you empower them with a new role.
  4. Never ignore character flaws…more power will not birth integrity it will only stretch it.
  5. Don’t empower people in order to gain buy-in to your ministry. If they are not already a supporter of your vision more responsibility will not gain their loyalty or passion!
  6. Evaluate spiritual pace of every potential leader. Passion for Jesus has to come before a leading role of influence.
  7. People who are not flexible now will not become more flexible when they have more responsibility.

Do the hard work of praying, thinking, and processing before you empower the next high level volunteer. Empower the right people if you want the needed level of leadership in your ministry.