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I just upgraded to the iPhone 4 and I have to say, I am very impressed. Just 4 years ago I was the guy happy to have a Motorola Flip and just had started texting. Today I love having a small computer in my pocket as my phone. We now have the iPhone 4, the Motorola Droid, or whatever smart phone you have because companies choose to upgrade. They decided to not settle for what was but instead push to create what could be. When was the last time your chose to to that with the ministry you lead? How often are you making upgrades to your environment, your small group curriculum, your branding, your volunteer team, your staff, your planning schedule, or your strategy? Upgrades should be a regular part of any growing and healthy organization. Most of us don’t make upgrades because we never slow down long enough to see what needs upgrading. I want to challenge you to put time in your schedule that allows you to step back, evaluate, and see what things need adjusting. After you see what needs to be improved adjust your focus and schedule to make the upgrade possible.

Stop settling…have the courage to step by step make the upgrades your ministry needs!