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This morning a few of our staff got stuck in an elevator…seriously…this is the picture Brandon Reed took while we were trying to figure out how to get UNSTUCK. I am going to be telling this story for years but it reminded me of how bad it feels to be stuck. Stuck in a job. Stuck in an emotional funk. Stuck in circumstances that we brought on ourselves. Stuck with no options we can see. Being stuck is never a good feeling. Most of the times we feel stuck because we have our focus on the wrong target. We begin to trust what we can see rather than God who has the perfect perspective on our journey. When I am feeling stuck in life I do three things that help…

  • I make sure I am carving out time for prayer and time to read the Bible // When I am not in God’s word and spending time in prayer I lose touch with how God works around me. God is at work all around us and in reality we are never stuck. Going back to see how God worked in the life of Abraham, Paul, and Daniel reminds me that my God is a God who has a bigger plan!
  • I change my pace and routine // I control my schedule so when I am stuck some things needs to change. My routine needs to change. My office may need to be rearranged. I may need a vacation or I may need to work harder so I can accomplish a new challenge.
  • I need to make sure I am running away from isolation and toward community // When we feel stuck we tend to isolate. Nothing helps to break the power of feeling stuck like living life with others who can help us see the bigger picture. Isolation just brings more doubt and frustration. Community can bring direction and clarity.