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I am amazed at people who see problems, talk about problems, and worry about problems who never even TRY to fix the problem! This goes down so much in “ministry world” because it is always some other leader, committee, pastor, or volunteer’s issue to solve. We just sit back and talk, look, worry, stress, or mock the problem. So many times we never enter the battle to bring a solution to the situation.

Last week my door handle on the passenger side of my car stopped working from the outside. I had time today to take the door panel off and see what was going on. (I learned how to take the door panel off because I fixed another PROBLEM with a speaker but that is another story.) I found a piece was broke. In days past I would have just called the dealer and paid money and I may still have to do that, but today I tried to fix it myself. I really can’t give out my secret remedy but I got the door working for a little while longer…DUCK TAPE. Ok, it is a temporary fix but I did something about it.

I wonder are there some problems you are facing that just need a little attention at the right time? Sure you may be swamped right now but WHEN are you going to try to fix the issue instead and just passing it along or talking about it more? Usually when I bring up a problem to our team I am not the only one who has been frustrated with the issue. Summer is a great time to address issues in your ministry. Do not wait until fall! Take some time the next few weeks and get to work fixing those problems that bugged you in the spring. Ignoring the problem will not fix it and talking about it will just waste more of your time. Make a plan and fix it even if it is a temporary fix. Problem solutions bring forward progress and forward progress helps build momentum.