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What do the Braves and the American Girl Doll store have in common? They are both in Atlanta and we are taking the girls on a short weekend birthday trip. We love to travel and we have some big travel plans for 2009 (Disney World coming in October). When we travel we get to make memories. Tonight Chelsea and I both have our laptops out making plans for May. I am excited because I am a Braves fan and I get to take my little girls to their first Braves game. Chelsea is stoked because we get to take the girls to the American Girl Doll store. They only have those stores in 5 or 6 cities and when we visited the one in Chicago we knew we had to take the girls to one. We are also going to hit one of the spots featured on Diners, Drive ins, and Dives. We love the show and are going to start trying to hit some of the places on the show when we can.

This is going to be fun…watching Chelsea and I surf the Internet and plan at the same time = BRILLIANT!