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Our family had an amazing, restful, and fun vacation. The time was simply priceless. What made the 2 weeks so great…

  • Time to stop…it was great to put the mac away and lay the iPhone down.
  • Time to play…we had so much fun just being with the girls. Loved making memories! Also did not mind hitting the golf course several times. Played way too much Madden on the PS3 at night also. I needed a football fix.
  • Time to read…got through 2 books and started a 3rd!
  • Time to pray…this year it seemed like my time with God was simple and focused on listening and conversation. Great to have time just to listen.
  • Time to cook…love to cook on vacation. My grill time was excellent. The fresh seafood was amazing this year.

Now we are back and leave Sunday for a mission trip with some high school students and a group of amazing small group leaders. Next week I hope to blog about mission ideas for student ministry. Looking forward to getting back to writing after the break.