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Sure the Colts and the Saints got to the Super Bowl, but what got them there? That sounds stupid because we know they won a bunch of games and that landed them in the big game at the end of the year. Most of the time with most organization we look at their destination, the results they are having, the impact they are making and we want to experience the same thing. Very rarely do we look behind the scenes to see what it took to get there. What got the Colts and the Saints to the Super Bowl was the hours of work in the preseason as they constructed their teams through the draft and free agency, held off-season workout’s, and planned game to game in practice during the season. They prepared behind the scenes and then they delivered on game day. What happened behind the scenes was just as important as the game itself. What we do when no one is looking is just as important as what we do to publicly lead our organizations. Here are some behind the scene things that I think make a huge impact in my ability to lead in ministry…

  • Serving my family > If you want to lead your family you better serve your family. Seriously, I love serving teens and families at GCC but what good is it if I neglect my family. Work hard, give 100% to God but know behind the scenes be there for your family.
  • Personal Growth > I have to make sure I am reading, I am learning, I am listening to other leaders just so I can keep growing as a person and a leader. I also have to make sure I am reading the Bible not for a talk I am going to give but just so I am be connecting with God’s Word. My spiritual / leadership growth can’t be anyone’s responsibility but my own.
  • Prayer > Yep, I have to make time to pray. God’s desire of for a relationship with me not religious busyness. I need to make time. Seems automatic but nothing happens in my life by accident except watching Sportscenter!
  • Details > I have to work hard to be as organized as possible and stay up to speed with what is most important. I need to work hard to manage the details of my life, my time in order to be able to work on what matters most. May not like it but organization matters, I better work on it.
  • Planning / Dreaming > I need to keep looking forward. What is next? What do I need to be working on for next month or next year? Planning has to happen on a regular basis.

These are the behind the scene’s things that I try to focus on…what did I miss? What things do you think have to happen in your ministry behind the scenes in order for you to fulfill the mission God has given you?