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Cool is great, I love cool, but there has to be more to our churches and ministries than cool alone. One thing I know is true is that if you see an effective organization then you will be quick to attribute their success to the “cool factor.” I promise there is more substance to what is going on than you are willing to give credit. As Apple was revealing the the new operating system that will release this fall I saw a dude quickly tweet that he was amazed what “cool” could do for a company. The reason that Apple has done so well over the past 5 years is very simple. Sure they have cool designs but more importantly they work, last longer, have a strong brand, and have amazing customer service. People who are quick to discredit an organization because they are using the “cool factor” to their advantage are simply looking for an excuse. Organizations and ministries that make success last use cool to their advantage and create systems that are effective. If you build what you are doing on cool alone, you will not last. If you discover an organization that is built around hype and the cool factor they will not last. Cool comes and goes, cool can be created, cool can be fleeting but effective always lasts for the long haul. Sure you need and want the “cool factor” but you better make sure you have a system in place that you believe in and that is effective if you want to reach your goals as an organization or ministry.