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Cross Street Live is a family experience we make happen each month for families here in Clarksville. We have big news…we are moving the time of CSL each month to 1:30 on Sunday afternoons starting on March 14!!! We have been doing this monthly event at night since we launched but we feel like more people can connect if we move it to Sunday afternoon. Also many families in our church have community group that meets on Sunday night…this will help families be able to experience CSL together. Let us know what you think about the change…will it help…are you pumped…will you help us spread the word?

Some of you may be asking…WHAT IS A FAMILY EXPERIENCE??? Cross Street Live is a 50 minute service packed with music, video, drama, and fun where kids and parents learn and worship together. Yep…TOGETHER. Kids and parents get to connect and talk about a monthly virtue and then go home to live that virtue out together. Every parent I know is looking for things to do with their kid. Every parent is also looking for ways to teach their children important values like honesty, confidence, and loyalty. At Cross Street Live we get to have fun and invest in our kids at the same time! If you live in the Clarksville area we hope you will check CSL out.

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