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The best problem solvers in the world are people who strive to get creative when problems arise. Solving real problems your ministry faces today will never happen if you always run to the same solutions that worked yesterday. New problems require new solutions for your current circumstances. Creativity is not just for people to write songs, paint, or design products we use everyday. Creativity is a tool that God gave us so we could step back and leverage it in everyday life with everyday situations.

You can be a creative leader if you are willing to take a few brave steps in your leadership style…

  • Don’t settle for what has been done in the past when a problem arises.

  • Be willing to fail and then try again if a creative solution does not work.

  • Allow other people to process solutions to problems with you. The best idea does not have to be your idea!

  • Don’t rush the process. Slow down and think before you push forward an idea.

  • Be willing to face doubters. People love to tell leaders why creative solutions can’t work.