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Something happens at Bigstuf when we start spending time with God, alone, one on one, no band, no speaker. Just us, God and the Bible sitting in the middle of creation. On Day 2 we always have our first time to get away before the night service and spend time with God. There is something amazing at watching 1,000 people spread across the beach and just talk to God…alone. This is just a pic I snuck in so you could understand what is happening here. When we are with God he changes us, he shapes us. It is hard to contain or explain but God begins to change who we are. We went right from this time alone to a time where we gathered and united together to encounter God. Stuart Hall led us to confront the idea of living a life of truth. Living life not embracing the practice of constant deceit. We all do it, we all lie. We know we should not go there but it makes life seem more controllable. We looked in the Bible where Jesus said, “let your yes be yes and your no be no” and it helped us understand Jesus led us to a life of truth. Once again the most significant time of the day happens when we meet in small group and this was no different. I was wild for us all to get to share in small group what was going on in our hearts. This is a significant week for so many here.

The beach – it was amazing…we also made a midnight run to Walmart and Sonic, YES camp is better with SONIC. If you want pictures they are on the way, for now just imagine lots of icecream. Tonight more surprises and more pictures