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Never, never, never try to do ministry alone. Many times I see leaders (paid and volunteer) try to do way to many things in the name of IMPORTANCE. “These things have to be done.” Many times I see leaders try to take on way to many responsibilities because they are the person in charge. When we choose to do ministry alone we cripple the future of the ministry we lead. The solo led ministry will die when the passion of the point leader runs thin or leaves. There is no hope for that ministry. Every healthy ministry will have a point leader and a team of leaders with specific responsibilities. Healthy ministry is done IN COMMUNITY by TEAMS of leaders! We were not made to be alone…to live in a silo…to carry responsibility alone. We were made to do the work of God together. I have had the pleasure of watching a a leader named Kent Hughes carry out team led ministry for the past three years here at GCC. Kent launched our preschool worship environment and it has been a huge success. Kent surrounded himself with an amazing team! Kent is a great leader because he has modeled the art of team ministry in several environments here in our church. The bottom line is that you can do more for the long haul TOGETHER. Who is on your team? Who are you empowering? What happens to your ministry if you leave? Build a team!