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d6It was such a honor to be here at the D6 Conference and get to hear so many great leaders talk about how the church can better partner with parents. If you want to check out ideas that were shared today at the conference check out the hash-tag #D62013!

One of my favorite moments from the conference today came from Lydia Randall. Lydia is on staff at Lake Pointe Church and she talked today about the issue of busyness that all families face today.

Busy has become the new “fine” the new “normal.” Ask any parent how they are doing and instead of saying they are fine or doing well now they always head straight toward how busy they are. Sometimes we even find our worth as parents in our busyness. We find satisfaction in the idea that we are doing everything we can for our kids and busyness is proof of that effort. We also know that in the end our busyness is killing us as parents. We try to keep up and our children pay the price.

Because busyness is the new normal, Lydia asked all of us to process 2 changes in the fast paced world we live in…

Adjust the way we minister. //  Parents often feel ill-equipped and overwhelmed. The church has to be a place where we empower and support parents along with not adding to the crazy pace of their life. We have to keep things purposeful, excellent, and focused. The answer to equipping parents is not always another program. Let’s encourage parents that they can influence their child and we are here to help…to partner.

Adjust as the minister // Bill Hybels has said…the pace of doing God’s work is destroying God’s work within me. As leaders in the church we have to have the courage to fight to have healthy families. We have to model what a God centered family should look like, a family filled with adventure and faith. Lydia reminded us that we have to schedule sabbath, schedule date nights, and schedule time with our kids. We have to be as intentional with our family life as we are with the ministry we lead.

Busy is the new normal…make sure it does not destroy your family or keep your ministry from partnering and empowering parents!