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If you are going to do a middle school camp, you better plan for some major fun. Our goal is simple. We want middle school camp to be the best week of the summer in every way. Yes we want to push teens spiritually but we also want them to leave with memories of fun. We want teens to laugh, let their guard down, and go for it. There is no better way to get to a teen’s heart than through laughter and adventure. We are planning for both. Here are some goals to help enhance the fun factor at middle school camp…

  • Lead the way // our production team is ready to make a fool of ourselves, yep…we have to set the tone and we are going for it.
  • Video // there are just way to many funny ways to implement video in different segments of every large group time. We are intentionally planning in advance how we can use short video elements in every gathering to capture funny moments and communicate truth together.
  • Characters // we are introducing some amazing characters this year. There are just too many good costumes on Amazon not to take advantage of some great live characters.
  • Crazy Rec // rec time should be amazing and we have learned from the best…Student Life! No camp does rec better than SL and we are implementing a ton of wild ideas inspired by their team. Water Day…Messy Day…Mega Relay Day…how can you go wrong!
  • Fun Free Time Options // the pool, the lake, canoes, a water trampoline, basketball courts, nerf guns…we are planning some great free time FUN options
  • LATE NIGHT // no teen wants to go to bed early so of course we have LATE NIGHT plans that are going to be killer.
  • Mountain Dew // this is for me but really we are planning fun food options for every night. Junk food takes fun to another level!

Make sure when you plan camp you think FUN along with SPIRITUAL GROWTH. They go hand in hand!