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In just a few days NEXT middle school camp will be a reality. We have been planning for the past year to create a camp experience for middle school students. Our team has taken middle school kids to several camps in the past and honestly we can’t find a week long experience that really addresses the needs of this age group. Instead of complaining we are going to take a risk, rent a facility, and go for it. We are wrapping up our production planning for the week and we are trying to stay focused on a few goals…

  • FOCUSED TEACHING >> middle school students need focused teaching like no other age group. Each day we are going to drive home one idea and make sure both the morning and evening talks support that idea. We want students thinking about one idea everyday and we want it to be connected to our theme.
  • FUN >> we are trying to make sure and create moments of fun in every gathering. Humor helps middle school kids relax and remember what the message was. Our team is trying to make sure we all laugh all week long.
  • SHORTER WORSHIP TIMES >> we have an amazing band at camp but we are breaking the worship sets up. Shorter worship sets keep the sessions moving and help middle school boys engage…they will engage but we have to make sure and move it forward. Less is more.
  • SMALL GROUP DRIVEN >> we want every session to drive toward small group discussion. We think teens need to process in order to grow. Every session is going to support and set up what we are doing in group!