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Life change happens best when people are surrounded by other people cheering them on and moving the same direction. We believe in small groups and we want to make sure that our first middle school camp is built around small groups. We started our planning for everything at camp around how we were going to set up groups to be most effective. Every large group session we have will connect back or set up a small group setting. Here are some ideas that have guided our planning…

  • Tons of our small group leaders at camp are small group leaders every week at home. // we are so excited to take many of our weekly leaders to camp for a week! The connection from our weekly environment to camp is going to be next level. Shared adventure creates some amazing small group connection.
  • We are empowering some amazing high school small group leaders // yep we are taking some great high school leaders who are going to lead and invest during camp. We are raising up teens to lead now.
  • Small groups will connect 2 times each day at camp // we are planning our main small group time in the morning then at night each group will have a time called ONE QUESTION to process after the night message
  • Small groups will be…small // we are making sure every small group gets small…we want literal small groups at camp so teens get a huge investment in their life
  • An amazing team of writers helped create our small group guides // we had some great writers take sessions and craft the small group guides. Our writers worked together to make sure our group times are going to drive teens to scripture and to encounter God through community!