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Parents are looking for partners to help in the adventure called RAISING KIDS. As a parent I never partner with people I don’t trust. Trust is so important when it comes to the church / parents relationship. Can our volunteers be trusted to care for kids? Can we be trusted to value the families time? Can we be trusted to keep parents in the loop? Can our environments be trusted to engage kids? Can we be trusted to help kids learn how to make wise choices? These are all TRUST questions that every parent is asking when they consider partnering with the ministries we lead. Please understand that the TRUST ISSUE is a major factor when parents decide if they will involve their kids in our ministry. When parents trust us they will follow our leadership and partner with us. How do we earn trust?

  • Keep Commitments >> when we make commitments we have to follow through…nothing will break trust like breaking our word!
  • Be Consistent >> parents want to know we can be counted on week in and week out
  • Over Communicate >> email, Facebook, ministry websites, letters…make sure parents can get info about your ministry and make sure your team is accessible to them also. Parents need to be kept in the loop and they need to be able to get to leadership when they have questions.
  • Involve >> make sure parents always know what your values are and what you are communicating to their children. We make sure our parents have take home tools every week from our environment so they can continue the discussion and we have a monthly family experience that involves parents and kids TOGETHER.
  • Listen >> always always always listen to parents. (you won’t agree with everything but PLEASE listen) Nothing builds trust like being heard and valued. Parents need a voice in your ministry…we are investing in their kids!

Trust with parents not automatic…it’s earned. How are you striving to build trust with parents in your church?