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We start a new series this week at REMIX called Can You Hear Me focused on prayer. Talking with parents and teens of all ages, prayer is a huge struggle for us all. Maybe it is our constant connection with those around us through technology that keeps us from talking with God. Maybe it is the distraction of daily life. Maybe it is that we just have never made it a practice, routine, or habit. Prayer is hard. How do we move through the hard aspect of prayer? Better than that, how do we get to the heart of prayer? We hope to answer the WHY and HOW of prayer over the next three weeks of REMIX. To see the big picture of this series go check out Some of you who follow the blog ask me where we get our series graphics and ideas. Here at Relevant we partner with a team called XP3 Students. Go check out XP3, we love the team there and love partnering with them for our weekly series.