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Headed with 6 leaders from GCC for 2 incredible days at the Catalyst Conference. What I love about Catalyst is that it is a gathering of next generation leaders of all ages going after God for 2 days together. We all look different, come from all denominations, leading in different contexts, but for 2 days we get to come together…learn together…lift up our great God together. 12,000 leaders in one arena with one purpose is an amazing thing to be a part of. I am amazed at how many business and church leaders do not know about Catalyst. I hope if you get the chance to break away from what you do for 2 days you will come to Atalanta and experience this conference in the coming years because this year is SOLD OUT. The best part of this conference is that we have the chance to learn from leaders from all walks of life…that sets this gathering apart from any other I have been a part of. I will be posting as many updates from Catalyst as I can so check the blog out for what God is doing from Catalyst 09.