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Trying to recap a day at catalyst can take a ton of typing. Just thought I would get out some thoughts from the day that really hit me. Like no other catalyst I have been to, I sense God at work in every session. I can not explain this. It could be that my heart is more sensitive. Could be that I am just that jacked up and God is stirring in my heart. There is a sense that every element today just had the hand and presence of God behind it. The greatest thing I can say about today is that I encountered God and He moved within my heart. God changed me, what else matters. When you come to a conference to think, pray, dream, or whatever the greatest experience is to sense the movement of God. Thanks to the catalyst team for planning a great day. Here are some random thoughts from the day a I look back through my notes…

  • This morning Andy pushed us to link what we believe and what we do. Moral authority is earned in the small choices we make that no one sees but God. With many of these thoughts full blogs will come so i will keep going!
  • It was great to connect with friends…Terrace Crawford and Aaron, Ben Carr, Joel Engle, Jeremy Bullock and texting with Pat Rowland, Chris Pittman and Josh Mcfarland WAS GREAT. man it is good to catch up!
  • Reggie Joiner, Lanny Donaho…BEST YEAR YET hosting, funny stuff guys!
  • William Paul Young author of The Shack, did a great job. My wife loved the book and I am going to read it.
  • Jim Collins and Seth Godin led amazing sessions. They have both been huge influences in my life and my style of leading. Thanks guys for giving us your time!
  • Steve Fee, Eddie Kirkland, Jon Foreman – all did amazing jobs leading us today to lift up the name of Jesus with music. I am tired of calling music worship since worship is life not music. That is another blog, sorry…
  • Steven Furtick is a incredible young leader and did an amazing job challenging us all to lead strong. Loved his perspective, go check him out.
  • Craig Groeschel spoke and gave a message that I can not wait for our team to hear. Again to go into it would be an entire blog.
  • Eats -WELCOME TO MOE’S!!!
  • Robbie Seay and Jon Foremen closed our night with a concert.
  • I am about to fall over GOOD NIGHT NOW…