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A few years ago my friend Kathy Patterson, a teacher at RMS, told me about a brave 8th grader who was fighting cancer. Kathy introduced me to Catie Summers that day. Catie was taking chemo and still going to school by watching her classed by video feed in Mrs. Pattersons office. I will never forget that smiling girl I met…she had already lost her beautiful brown hair, and was tired from the treatments but still there was a joy that flowed from Catie. I moved away and spent 2 1/2 year doing ministry in Virginia. Kathy kept me up to speed with what was going on with Catie. When I moved back I got the call that she was not doing well and was not winning her fight against the disease. Catie’s cancer was serious…it was the kind that takes lives. Catie kept fighting…Catie never stopped going to school…Catie never quit living life…Catie found faith in midst of struggle…Catie never stopped smiling. About three weeks ago the doctors told Catie she only had a few days to live and oh well, she made it 3 weeks. She smiled as she told her parents she wanted to call that doctor and let him know she was still here. I was blessed to be be able to hang out with her and her family these past few weeks. It was amazing to watch Catie let her family know she loved them, watch her hang out with friends, see her watching movies! She never stopped living, she never let the cancer beat her and when it was time she simply rested and allowed God to give her healing by taking her from this world. Catie fought an incredible fight! She lived life to the fullest and probably impacted more people in 16 years than most do in 80. Thanks Catie for showing us all how to enjoy every moment of life. Viva Catie (if you go to CHS you know what that means!)