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Every year you will have a season when you have to choose to change the pace of your ministry because the variables of your ministry change. We all have variables we face. School, sports, parents, and jobs are all variables and at different times of the year they come into play in different ways. For the student ministry I lead spring is a difficult time to connect with and invest in teens because the variables are INSANE. Honestly spring sports really have a impact on us from March to the first week of May and we have learned we have to change the pace. For two months the pace is different so our team has to choose to adjust. This is reality in our culture and we are called to serve teens in this culture. Here are a few things we do to change the pace…
  • mix it up // when it is time to change the pace it is a great tome to mix up what you do in your weekly environment. The leaders I serve with have great ideas and change of pace seasons are a great chance to try some new things. Taking some risks can really help keep people engaged.
  • embrace the surprise factor // kids show up and things are totally different. Seriously just do something crazy to surprise teens when they are get to be with you. Yea if they miss it they will regret it!
  • keep connecting // keep texting, keep calling, keep Facebook messaging…you just have to keep connecting with teens even if they are too busy to be in your weekly enviroment.
  • show up on their turf // yea go where they are! Show up at a game, a play, a recital, at schoo, or at their job!
  • stay focused // our goal is to invest in each life not just draw a big crowd. Focus. Serve the teens who can be there each week and don’t stress in a change of pace season. You have a mission, go for it no matter what is going on that distracts you.