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In just a few weeks on August 8 at Relevant Student Ministry we will host our 2012 Open House for families to check out what we do as a youth ministry. We make this night happen for new families that have moved into our area, for new 6th graders, for incoming freshmen, and for other parents who just want to learn more about the goals of our ministry. When we started this last year we did not expect it to work but to our surprise it turned out to be an amazing night and a great opportunity for our team to hang out with parents. There are a few wins that come out of doing an open house before you kick off your fall schedule and here are a few…

  1. An open house lets you tell your story and share your values // we want people to know our story and our goals for the year. This is our shot each year!
  2. An open house allows you to connect and partner with families // anytime you get to hang out with parents is a big deal. This time allows us to set the tone of the year with families.
  3. An open house gives you time to meet new students before the rush // with a smaller crowd your team has a better shot to meet new students and make them feel comfortable.
  4. An open house nights gives you a natural spot to gather small group leaders for training // we have found this is a great night at our normal time and venue to train leaders and it allows small group leaders to meet new students. Double win!